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Blue Skies

Get to know SKY

SKY® is a management company representing rising and professional talents in print, film, television, commercials, music, and sports. It is supported by a diverse panel of industry professionals dedicated to the development and employment of its clients. 

SKY® was founded in 2015, by Robert Dahey, in hopes of creating a management company that focused on nurture, guidance, and protection of its talents. After having spent 20 years in the industry, he wanted create a management company where he can help the talents focus on the big picture. He realized that the talents were offered opportunities without the awareness of the consequences associated with their choices. He saw many careers cut short or led down a difficult path for further growth and advancement due to this neglect and oversight. He wanted to create an environment where the talents can learn and maintain balance to maximize and enrich their journey.


SKY® is also committed to the priority of health and safety of its talents by providing education and access to professionals in health, nutrition, and fitness, so that its talents do not lose themselves in the pursuit of their dreams and ambitions where unrealistic expectations are a reality. SKY® aims to inspire its talents in discovering and maintaining the delicate balance of this rewarding and yet demanding industry. 


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