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As the 1st. Pro-Skater from the Dominican Republic, and now based in Encinitas, California, Daniel Cuervo is known for his perseverance and interest in achieving what he has always dreamed of, despite facing some very challenging circumstances to get to where he is today. He is currently in the qualifiers for the Olympics in Skateboarding with the Dominican National Team and is ranked 33rd in the world. 


Daniel comes from a very humble background, growing up in Santo Domingo and he discovered his passion for skateboarding later than most pros, at the age of 12. But once he became clear on skateboarding as his main passion, he fought for his dreams, practicing relentlessly, until he managed to win international competitions in skateboarding, which led him to continue his life in California. 


For Daniel to progress, it was crucial to leave Santo Domingo and the DR, for his country did not have the facilities required for his practices and to continue competing worldwide. His competitions took him to the USA, Egypt, Sweden, China, Brazil, Canada, England, Denmark, Spain, Qatar, Puerto Rico, Peru, Chile, Mexico, among others, reaching the 11th position in the world in vert, and creating opportunity for him to practice and compete with the celebrities who had been his idols in this sport.


Daniel has been chosen by the Olympic Committee of his country as the first skater to participate in the 2021 Olympic qualifiers, representing the Dominican Republic.


Daniel Cuervo is also an artist and studied arts at the National School of Fine Arts in Santo Domingo. He has also studied Graphic Design and enjoys creating his own custom boards. Among his other passions are those of writing and making music, mainly in the genre of rap and  reggaeton.


Daniel Cuervo was born on June 30, 1990, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and he loves skateboarding with his whole heart.

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