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Robert Dahey_1484_v3c2.jpg
Robert Dahey

President / Director of Management & Development

Robert started his journey in the entertainment industry in his mid-20s when he signed up to be an extra performer on a TV show. He was instantly awed by the artistry of the production and its actors. He continued on that path, gracing many stages of plays and operas, while pursuing television, film, and commercials. During that journey, he dabbled in photography by shooting headshots and portfolios, which eventually offered him opportunities with fashion and commercial clients. He became an agent in LA and realized that there were many key elements missing in the industry; nurture, guidance, and management. In 2015, he started SKY® with a few select talents with hopes of challenging the, sometimes abusive, norm and bringing dignity back to the industry. 

Summer Williams_3639_v1c.jpg
Summer Williams

Health & Nutrition Advisor

Summer has nearly 20 years of experience as a Holistic Health Practitioner and Clinical Nutritionist. She loves to teach people how to heal themselves naturally. She is well versed in various modalities and diets, and believes diet is the biggest key to most health issues. She understands that there is no set plan for everybody, because every person, situation, and plan is individual by considering all aspects (physical/mental/emotional) with the intention of bringing healthy habits, optimal health, and balance in all areas. She hopes to advise SKY® talents not only to become healthy models in business, but also in society and life in general, to make them “Look and Feel Your Best from Inside Out”. 

Chris Santos_2918_v1c2.jpg
Chris Santos

Creative Director

Chris worked in Marketing at New Monarq Management in Manila, creating many global connections, utilizing editorials and social media, with agencies, models, and photographers. Having assisted many established fashion photographers in Miami and NYC, Chris continues to work as a fashion photographer collaborating with a variety of artists, actors, singers, influencers in the industry. His marketing is not limited to fashion as he has worked marketing for the sports world, including college football and professional tennis. He worked in Media Relations for his college’s football team handling PR, Media, Content Development, and NCAA events. He also worked in marketing for Chris Evert Tennis Academy communicating with top seed professional tennis athletes, worldwide. He hopes to continue his journey in this industry while utilizing his experience with a new chapter as a Creative Director for SKY®.

Michael Armstrong_2904_v1c2.jpg
Michael Armstrong

Talent Advisor

Michael is currently living the second of his nine lives. Life #1. He spent an early part of his youth living in Cuba and grew up in Oregon engrossed in sports even earning First Place at a Regional Taekwondo Tournament. After developing an interest in pre-hospital care, he attended Oregon Health & Science University which brought him down to Los Angeles Fire Department’s Rescue 68 for his internship. He worked as a Paramedic before serving 17 years in the San Diego Fire Department. While on duty, he suffered an unfortunate multi-story fall sustaining a traumatic brain injury and fractures to his spine and extremities. Life #2. After years of rehabilitation, he pursued a college interest in acting which led him down the path of commercials and modeling, including with Wilhelmina Models. He is now focused on guiding the younger generation on their journey through this exciting industry. He still waxes philosophical with phrases like “You are the choices you make.”

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